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Billing software, commonly known as invoicing software, can be any software designed to simply generate invoices for products and services rendered to customers. Billing software also comes with the ability to track the payment receipts from customers against the invoices issued.


the many challenges that come with running a profitable business, creating invoices quickly, receiving payment on time and keeping track of what’s been paid and what’s outstanding are among the most common and detrimental. Think about it; the longer it takes you to write up and send out an invoice, the longer it takes your customer to pay it. Meanwhile, whoever is in charge of invoice management is tasked with making sure the invoice doesn’t slip through the cracks; and the company must come up with the cash required to cover expenses until payment is received. Doing this for one invoice wouldn’t be so bad, but when you think about how many invoices you send out you can see where things get complicated, not to mention costly. Simplifying this process is the purpose and advantage of an automated billing system. Keep reading to learn how modern billing software benefits companies by generating and tracking invoices significantly faster and easier; allowing them to get paid faster than with traditional methods. With credit sales being such a common practice and collecting on those credit sales having such a large impact on finances, it’s surprising that studies still show that many companies continue to rely on manual processes and outdated software to manage all of the above activities. Below are 7 benefits of using billing software to automate your collections system.